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British American Tobacco to publish data on harm reduction research on Vuse e-cigarettes

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Update time : 2022-07-26 11:41:23
British American Tobacco firmly believes that robust, relevant and accessible scientific research is essential to continue to build consumer understanding and confidence in alternative tobacco and nicotine products. Despite mounting evidence and public health agencies supporting alternative tobacco and nicotine products, many consumers remain unaware that these products are better alternatives to smoking.
A recent Science Update focused on the Vuse cross-sectional study to assess and provide insights into the real-world health effects of e-cigarettes. The study compared measurements of certain biomarkers of potential harm in consumers who used Vuse products for more than six months with smokers, former smokers and never-smokers. The BAT study will provide further important data on the growing evidence base for potential risk reduction with Vuse, with full findings due later this year.
Dr Sharon Goodall, Head of Regulatory Science at British American Tobacco, said: "Our consumers want information that is understandable, accessible and reliable. To achieve this, we must start with research and generate insights that can be shared with regulators, the public Data shared by health agencies and consumers. We believe the innovative and groundbreaking research we do across our portfolio plays a key role in creating understanding and confidence. That’s why our regular scientific updates are so important.”
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